Annual Conferences of the German Humboldt-Network e.V.

Once a year, the German Humboldt-Network invites all its members to an annual general meeting. The two-day annual conference is organized by one of the regional groups in cooperation with the board. As part of the conference, the German Society of Humboldtians, in the spirit of Alexander von Humboldt, addresses societal and cultural topics of current relevance, which are discussed in an interdisciplinary podium, and offers active Humboldt Fellows a forum to present themselves with their diverse research work and get into conversation with a wider audience.


 For example, podium topics from past annual conferences have been


  • Business meets science. Is science doing business?
  • The vulnerability of modern societies to natural events from an interdisciplinary perspective.
  • Energiewende - dream and nightmare?
  • In extremo - crossing boundaries in science and society
  • Quo Vadis Democratia?

In addition, it is tradition that the German Humboldt-Network and the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation invite all its members to a culturally framed joint dinner.


Annual conference of the DGH e.V. 2019 in Halle

The annual conference 2019 will take place on 01.11. - 02.11.2019 in Halle at the Martin-Luther University. Please, find the program and the registration form attached. 

Programm-Halle 2019-07-18.pdf
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