Local Humboldt-Club Mitte-Nord for the area Hannover-Braunschweig-Magdeburg-Clausthal

Our local  Humboldt club was founded on 06.07.2018 and offers various scientific, cultural, culinary and sport activities for Humboldtians, Humboldt-Hosts and their families. 


A report on the founding ceremony can be found here


Dr. Jürgen Vogel

Koordinator Internationale Programme a.D.,

Bayerischer Cluster Aerospace – bavAIRia e.V., Oberpfaffenhofen,

Landkreis Starnberg bei München


E-Mail: vogelj_karlsfeld@hotmail.com



Current Events

Folgen in Kürze.


Vergangene Meldungen finden Sie im Archiv der Regionalgruppe.