Local Humboldt-Club Mitte-Nord for the area Hannover-Braunschweig-Magdeburg-Clausthal

Our local  Humboldt club was founded on 06.07.2018 and offers various scientific, cultural, culinary and sport activities for Humboldtians, Humboldt-Hosts and their families. 


A report on the founding ceremony can be found here


Dr. Jürgen Vogel

Koordinator Internationale Programme a.D.,

Bayerischer Cluster Aerospace – bavAIRia e.V., Oberpfaffenhofen,

Landkreis Starnberg bei München


E-Mail: vogelj_karlsfeld@hotmail.com



Current Events

Humboldt Club-Treffen am Fr., 24. Juni 2022 in Goslar


Liebe Humboldtianer der Regionalgruppe Mitte-Nord,

wie in der letzten online Sitzung unserer Regionalgruppe am 24. Feb. 2022 angekündigt, planen wir Ende Juni, Anfang Juli ein nächstes Treffen. Ort und Zeit liegen nun fest:


Freitagnachmittag, 24. Juni 2022, ab 13:30 h in Goslar.


Plan ist, das Goslarer Werk der Firma H.C. Starck Tungsten GmbH - einen der weltweit führenden Hersteller von Wolframmetall- und Wolframcarbidpulvern  sowie Wolfram-Chemikalien - in der Gruppe zu besichtigen. Danach besteht die Möglichkeit, jeder für sich, die Altstadt von Goslar (UNESCO-Welterbe) anzusehen, um sich dann gegen ca. 18:30 h wieder zu einem gemeinsamen Abendessen zu treffen. Die Teilnehmerzahl bei der Firmenführung ist auf 20 Personen begrenzt, nicht jedoch für den Abend.

Die Alexander von Humboldt-Stiftung hat freundlicherweise ihre finanzielle Unterstützung für das gemeinsame Abendessen von bis zu 30 € pro Person zugesagt.


Schreiben Sie mir bitte bis spätestens Ostern bei Interesse eine kurze E-Mail, first come - first served, mit wie vielen Personen Sie bei der Führung und/oder beim Abendessen dabei wären. Wie gesagt, eventuell ist bei zu später Meldung die Führung bereits ausgebucht.

Sie erhalten dann weitere Details zur Veranstaltung.


Herzliche Grüße


Jürgen Vogel

Sprecher DGH RG Mitte-Nord




Best regards


Jürgen Vogel

Speaker Regional Group Mitte-Nord


 Reporting on the Humboldt Club Meeting on 24 February 2022 & Outlook to next event


Dear Humboldtians,



On Thursday, 24 Feb. 2022 we had the first Humboldt Club meeting of this year, this time a virtual session. The format of the meeting introduced last June had been continued: Four Humboldt scholars, who recently arrived in RG Mitte-Nord, presented their latest research work and interests. The 10-minutes-presentations were followed by discussion rounds within the gathered group of 17 alumni and scholars. All presenters did a very good job in bringing down their work to a level suitable for non-experts, therefore nice discussions developed with the speakers and we all gained further insights. Presentations received can be downloaded with the link below.


Later the evening, an update on the recent activities for the DGH Annual Meeting 2022 in Goslar/Clausthal-Zellerfeld on 4/5 Nov. 2022 was given.


For the next Humboldt Club in Mitte-Nord Region a physical meeting is envisaged end of June / beginning of July, preferably on a Friday afternoon/evening or on a Saturday. Updates to follow in due time.



Best regards


Jürgen Vogel

Speaker Regional Group Mitte-Nord


Solid state fractional capacitor_Karabi
Adobe Acrobat Dokument 2.1 MB

 Dear Humboldtians,


As announced before Christmas, I’d like to invite all of you to our next virtual online session on


Thu., 24 Feb. 2022, 17:00 h – 19:00 h CET.


Again, we have a very diverse program formed by four of our current Humboldt fellows in Mitte-Nord:

 Subjects extend from climate changes in the past to fractional order elements, from robotics & control to urban space & paces see enclosed agenda on more details about our presenters.

 Please join us for this get-together end of February and welcome our new fellows online.

 There is no online registration necessary, just access our “Humboldt Space” on wonder.me via browser, headset and webcam by clicking on the link below:




You can already try out the link now in order to get familiar with the possibilities of wonder.me and your avatar.


If you have any suggestions on subjects to talk about after our four scientific presentations and discussions, I could make-up some virtual break-out rooms to meet in smaller groups in the second part of the evening.


In addition, I will give you some update on the preparations of the DGH Jahrestagung 2022 @TU Clausthal & Goslar from 4 to 5 Nov. 2022.


Best regards


Jürgen Vogel

Speaker Regional Group Mitte-Nord


draft agenda for the afternoon
Virtual_Meeting_24_02_2022_DGH-RG Mitte-
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Dear Humboldtians,


As discussed during our last meeting in June 2021, I suggest having a joint excursion to Magdeburg’s “Wasserstraßenkreuz” on  September 25th 2021 followed by an evening get-together in a restaurant in downtown Magdeburg.

The Alexander von Humboldt-Stiftung offers to reimburse (final confirmation to follow) your trip to Magdeburg, the 4 h-long boat roundtrip (by “Weiße Flotte Magdeburg”, tour “Große Acht” to Wasserstraßenkreuz starting at 13:00 h  from Magdeburg Petriförder) and a contribution to the joint dinner in a restaurant in downtown Magdeburg.


More details to come in August.

Stay healthy and have a great summer vacation


Jürgen Vogel

Speaker Regional Group Mitte-Nord


Dear Humboldtians,


As announced in our recent “Save-The-Date”, the Deutsche Gesellschaft der Humboldtianer (DGH) Regional Group Mitte-Nord plans a joint boat trip to the “Wasserstraßenkreuz” from downtown Magdeburg on September 25th 2021. The Alexander von Humboldt-Stiftung is so kind and agreed to pay for the expenses related to the boat trip, i.e. the boat tickets including catering on board. If you like to join for a dinner right after the boat trip at own cost, please tick the appropriate box, too. 


The invitation email contains the link for free registration and more details on Logistics:




Please look for the coloured register button in the link, fill in your name, email details and answer some questions like the name of your institution, needed for my reimbursement of the tickets. One has to enter name and email twice, for the contact and for the ticket, sorry for that. After registration you will receive an automatic registration pop-up answer and a confirmation email (check your spam as well).

Currently, we have a quota of max. 24 places on the boat. There might be a chance to extend this number, if needed, no guarantee given.

Close friends and family of Humboldtians are welcome to join. Please register latest Wed., 8 Sept. 2021.

If you have any questions or feedback, please come back to me by email.


Best regards, looking forward to finally meet you all in person.


Jürgen Vogel

Speaker DGH RG Mitte-Nord

Vergangene Meldungen finden Sie im Archiv der Regionalgruppe.