German Society of Humboldtians

The German Society of Humboldtians offers a forum of encounter for the "Humboldt Family" in Germany with the intention

  • to maintain the personal contact of the alumni of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation (AvH) beyond the scholarship phase and to intensify the exchange with each other
  • to facilitate mutual assistance for the integration and professional orientation of alumni of the AvH in Germany
  • to provide advice for the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation from the perspective of the alumni and to get into dialogue with other Humboldt Associations.
  • to deal with our modern society and its current changes based on the diverse experience with different cultures of our members.

The „Humboldt Family“ embraces

  • all scientists selected by the 'Alexander von Humboldt Foundation' (AvH) - whether they have just received a scholarship or have been (back) in Germany since a long time
  • longtime hosts and members of selection committees, if they have also conducted research abroad.

The German Association of Humboldtians (DGH) is organized in regional groups. By this we ensure that each interested scientist in Germany – being member of the DGH or its guest – is able to participate in our diverse activities with reasonable effort.