Local groups of the German societiy of Humboldtians

The German Society of Humboldtians is organized in the following regional groups 

The range of regional activities of German Society of Humboldtians includes

  • Meetings, getting to know each other, talking
  • Scientific lectures
  • Panel discussions on socially relevant topics
  • Visit of museums, art exhibitions, city tours
  • Excursions
  • Hikes
  • Picnic
  • ...

 The activities are organized by speakers (and their representatives) of the regional groups. Speakers and representatives are elected by the individual regional groups themselves. All the speakers meet twice a year at the invitation of the Executive Board to exchange experiences


If you are Humboldtian and member of the German Society of Humboldtians e.V. and you would like to found a regional group for your region not yet represented?


The Board welcomes your initiative and would like to support you. Please contact the board.