Board of the German Society of Humboldtians

From left to right: Prof. Dr. Wolfram Koepf, Dr. Lutz Cleemann, Prof. Dr. Elke Bogner, Prof. Dr. Jens Gebauer

The board of the German Society of Humboldtians welcomes you. It has 352 members throughout Germany (as of 2018), which are currently organized into 20 regional groups.


At the meeting held on October 28, 2017 in Münster, the General Assembly re-elected the Executive Board of our German Society of Humboldtians.


Elected members are:

  •  Lutz Cleemann as the new chairman of the German Society of Humboldtians, succeeding Uwe Dorka
  • Wolfram Koepf as treasurer as before
  • Jens Gebauer as assessor as before and
  • Elke Bogner as assessor in the succession of Paul Winkler

 Tasks of the board

  •  Member reception and recruitment
  • Public relation
  • Internet portal
  • Publication of the DGH Newsletter
  • Communication with the AvH
  • International contacts with alumni associations
  • Annual Meetings
  • General Assembly
  • Speaker Meeting