Regionalgruppe München

Die Regionalgruppe München wurde am 9. Juni 2008 gegründet. Auf der Jahreshauptversammlung 2018 der Regionalgruppe München wurden Dr. Stefan Recksiegel  zum Regionalgruppensprecher und Dr. Lutz Cleemann zu seinem Stellvertreter gewählt.



Dr. Stefan Recksiegel


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Dr. Lutz Cleemann


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Aktuelle Veranstaltungen




25.11.2019: Cesare Tronci: Plasma Physics 


22.01.2020: (Titel coming soon)

05.05.2020: (Titel coming soon)

16.06.2020: (Titel coming soon)

17.09.2020: (Titel coming soon)

15.10.2020: (Titel coming soon)

16.11.2020:  (Titel coming soon)

Dear Humboldtians, 


On behalf of the Munich Regional Group of the Deutsche Gesellschaft der Humboldtianer, we cordially invite you to the Salon on Nov 25th which takes place in the Internationales Begegnungszentrum München (IBZ), as usual. During the Salon a lecture will be given by Dr. Cesare Tronci, currently Humboldt fellow at the MPI for Plasma Physics in Garching:


Nuclear fusion and magnetized plasmas as a general framework for mathematical modeling in multi-physics systems


As current times are making us face dramatic energetic problems, nuclear fusion emerges as one of the long-standing challenges in science, as it promises to provide a practically endless source of energy. While different options exist to achieve fusion, this talk starts by providing a short introduction to magnetic confinement fusion, which involves electrically charged particles (plasma) confined to move within time-varying electromagnetic fields possessing a certain configuration. This interaction of charged particles and electromagnetic fields makes magnetized plasmas an exciting framework for the study of physical systems in which several distinct phenomena with different nature need to be considered at the same time. Then, the second part of this talk will illustrate how plasma physics offers a unique opportunity for the development of new mathematical descriptions in which different physical models are coupled together into hybrid approaches for multi-physics systems.


Venue: Internationales Begegnungszentrum München (IBZ - Amalienstr. 38, 80799 München)

Date:     Monday, Nov 25th, 2019, 19:30h


As usual, there will be wine and cheese before the talk and a chance to continue the discussion with the speaker after the talk. 


If you want to join us, please register by sending an email to so that we can plan accordingly. If you know any new Humboldt fellows that might not yet be on our list, please forward this invitation to them.


With kind regards,


Stefan Recksiegel and Lutz Cleemann

(Humboldt Club Munich) 

Vergangene Meldungen finden Sie im Archiv der Regionalgruppe.